Friday, June 29, 2012

thoughts upon my bed before drifting into oblivion.

i hope this isn't terribly wicked of me, but i sometimes put on a recorded sermon to go to sleep by.  i have sometimes thought of telling this to some of my favorites as an encouraging bit of information, but even as the words would be about to slip away from my mouth into the air, i'd realize how rude that could sound.  of course, in the way i mean it, it is actually a complement. the fact that i enjoy going to sleep by their preaching as opposed to a favorite artist would - i'd think - be nice to hear. perhaps this is one of those things about being a pk. odd enough to create strange habits, normal enough to cope somewhat with society.  we have cleaned since 10.00 this morning, but here, at 10.30 tonight i put my foot down and have taken a shower and am going to bed. cleaning is good. gives satisfaction, especially when doing it because people you love will be reaping the benefit of just a few days, Lord willing, this house will be buzzing. if we don't all completely evaporate, that is.  this swelteringly hot days, broiling sun, sweltering heat...all i can say is, praise God for sweat and air conditioning.
   camp was wonderful, by the way. so much about camp has shaped my life - so many of the people and traditions and sermons and experiences. so thankful for that place. goodnight.

kathryn and kathryn.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

because this is the way they always happen.

I'm amazed at how long it takes to get one family picture...just one.  

 oh dawn...

reckon we can't be accused of not trying.

Dawn came in my room tonight to say goodnight.
"I was  going to give you a foot massage, but I figured it might be kinda hard 
to do with this bandage on.'
 {dawn smashed - perhaps even broke her last two fingers in the 'jumpy place'...apparently some place full of inflatable jumps....? ...i don't keep up with the trends of society.}
'But goodnight,' she said, and took a drink from her water bottle.  
She continued, 'Mel says we all look like expecting ladies with our big t-shirts and water bottles...Goodnight.'
And she walked to the door.
"She actually said,'' added Dawn quietly, 'pregnant', but I'm not going to use that word.''


Monday, June 4, 2012

derr man.

Came across some thoughts on  The True Man . It made me thankful and proud - in the good way - that I could say I know this True Man in several of my guy friends.  You probably can too, but it's a good reminder.  

Saturday, June 2, 2012


today was absolutely gorgeous. i stayed outside as much as possible and even though our bamboo was chopped down by the hands of angelot, it didn't deter me from taking my usual position in the front side yard beside the now gaping openness of our yard and hers. i wrote and read and was productive, even with them staring at our zoo from their lawn chairs.  

fitly dubbed by jeremy, 'annsanity'