Thursday, February 11, 2016

Farewell, Asilenthistorian

I find my last post to A Silenthistorian bittersweet and somewhat overdue. Started as a photography blog, then morphing into a narrative through photos and words combined, A Silent Historian reflected my life season at the Grey Submarine. It was a beautiful season, but one I have left behind. And with it, I find I must leave my blog from that time behind too. So then, farewell, Asilenthistorian. There are many bright and beautiful scenes within your pages which I have treasured and always will.

 If you care to follow the adventures and thoughts of married life, you're welcome to at

by the by, this picture isn't one I took. the sunlight simply called out to me when I saw it. 
so i took it for my blog, and it's always shed a warmth to my heart.