About A Silent Historian

Right smack dab in the middle of nine children, I grew up in the woods of GA.  Daddy's a preacher, done a little bit of everything, but especially driving, gardening, grilling, reading, spanking, grass cutting, fishing and Daddy-ing. Mama is a wife, mother, teacher to all of her nine children, nurse, homemaker, Peach Cobbler- and - everything- delicious-maker. She's the heart of the home, my inspiration for life, and a friend to many.

Beginning to dabble in photography in 2008, I wanted an outlet for my photos, so I started this blog two years later. It was intended as a photo blog only, so came the name of my blog, as a friend suggested it to be a fitting title for that purpose.  I agreed, and thus came into existence, "A Silent Historian".  But my photos were stories of my life, and my life had stories to tell in words, so it all sort of melded into a wordy collage of photos and stories, and journal entires after a while.  So don't worry - you're not the only one who's thought what you weren't going to mention, out of politeness. My mama too, has brought up the fact that for a Silent Historian, I sure do have a lot to say. Well? Tis' true.

After marrying the kindest, gentlest, Manliest-Man and sincerest fellow I know, I've moved to Lubbock, Tx, 20 hours and 1500 miles from Home.  But it's worth it to be with my amazing Man.  Married in July of 2014, JB and I enjoy becoming better friends, understanding each other and finding adventure wherever we can - Cabella's, Taco houses, horse riding and yard work - stuff like that.

I'm also the owner/operator for a tiny wonderful business of my own, which I now pursue from Lubbock.  Read about how Firefly began here , and if you're interested in checking out my *actual* Photography Blog, I'd love for you to do so!

My name is Gabrielle - Watson - now, and I hope that if you've stumbled on my blog, that you will hop on for the ride!

My wonderful, fun, festive, family.
When Mama says "Family Photo", 
our idea is getting things you might see us with on an ordinary day, dressing up and letting the camera fire at will. 
Okay. Maybe fire at will mean me setting the timer and running back and forth like a wild child. 
Still, we got  the Family picture. So that's success. 

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