Sunday, February 26, 2012


'Contentment comes from communing with God.
It is the product of resting in Him.'
                                             - mama

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

st. valentine's

valentine's day is the bomb. 
 the pinks and reds are like dissonances, 
and it's fun to watch the guys in the stores grabbing 
boxes and crinkly bundles of flowers.
i imagine their women being very happy.
today an older guy came up beside me
as i was walking on the side walk.
golf cap, black jacket, black cane,
he smiled and winked and said 
happy valentine's day. i said it back to him and asked him if he 
had any special plans?
'Nah. Nothin except gonna go home, drink a little wine
listen to some music.
Whitney, Ray....'
i came home to cards.
on my bed and nightstand and table.
moriah wrote me a card
and diagrammed the sentence.
i knew grammar was
 paying off.
mama made chickin
 fettucini, salad, green beans
fruit salad,
mom is awesome.

and daddy's input on love for today was
'Son, cookin' meat is kinda like
loving a woman.
Ya gotta think about these things before hand.
Ya gotta prepare for it...
gotta marinate it, 
butter it up...
You gotta give it some lovin'...'

so there it is. now you know the secret.
happy cookin.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

saturday evening post

   It's been so windy today.  I think that's part of why my skin has felt so dry and itchy, but Dawn gave me a reproving look, asked to see my arm, then went out of my room.  She came back with her Health book and pointed to a paragraph concerning cocaine and the side effects.  Dawn was certain I was suffering from hallucinations and was itching only because I thought bugs were crawling over me.
  "Look at your arm, Gabe." and she pointed to the needle prick in my arm from having  blood drawn a few days previous.
"It's evidence against you," she said, and went away.

Whenever Daddy types questions in google, sends an e-mail, or posts an article to the internet he always says, "I'm putting it out on the world wide web."

If you ever need a workout video, we have a great one 
from the 80's. 
I say this lovingly. Endearingly.
I was born in the 80's.
All the women are middle - aged, have on pastel tights
frizzed, curled hair,
and mid-calf socks. 
The music is techno, like an ancient video game,
and your hardest workout will be your abs.
But you should try it.
Exercise For Life
and you'll be amazed. 

ah. goodnight saturday.  
p.s. anne and chris and i had a wall squatting contest.
anne and i stayed up for 2.23,
but chris won. 
7 minutes.
go you.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

dear tuesday.

If I were a king, I'd sit on my throne
and order people around and 
draw maps.
If I were a queen I'd sit on my throne
and order the servants around
and drink punch.
If I were a princess, I'd ...well, I don't like princesses anyways,
so I wouldn't be one.
If I were a prince, I'd learn how to fight
and order people around
and think about being King one day.
                 - dawn.

I'm determined to read 'Sense and Sensibility.  

Some days...goodness.  I want to laugh so hard.
Today I sat down in a booth at Chickfila and was eating my lunch
when a guy with a mushroom shirt sat down about 3 booths down facing me. 
Now, it was afternoon - past rush lunch hour, and the
place was in the calm-between-meals time.
Well, he sat down, and
I wanted to laugh so badly because it felt like we were at a long table
- one of the old kinds they would've had in a great house. 
It was quiet too.
Really quiet. 
So when his bag crinkled and when I took off the lid to my sauce, it was 
all louder than usual. And then, after about  five minutes
I did laugh.
And then he looked up and laughed too.
'This isn't awkward at all, is it?'

I guess we all think we have the coolest siblings, right?  

i really do think 
i do.