Sunday, February 16, 2014

happy birthday to a shooting star

We were sitting at the kitchen table, Mel and I, when a quick step sounded behind us, then passed us and was gone to the other side of the house. In that moment we'd both snapped our heads to the side to watch the figure whose step it was as it clipped past and followed it with our eyes until it was gone. 
Melody observed then, with her head on her hand, "Anne's just one of those people you whose personality you can't help watching." 
That was several years ago, yet it's a thing I've often called to mind, how true Milly's words were. A.G has one of those radiant personalities that we watch as closely as we would a comet or shooting star. {if you've seen her walk, then you know her pace nearly matches either of them.} She's one of those Bright People whose beauty shines from deep down and makes the rest of her fairly sparkle with loveliness. It's a loveliness too that makes other, shallow types whose Pretty is only skin deep, look shabby.  A.G reminds me {often with a pang of remorse and shame} that no matter how you patch up the outside, no amount of prinking will stand the test of beauty that comes from the soul. 

I'm thankful for this shooting star that I've been blessed to have as a sister and best friend for 23 years. She knits us all together and brings laughter and depth of thought; she challenges our ideas, habits and bodies {this you know right well if you've ever endured one of her grueling workouts}.  Though A.G loves to make everyone laugh,  no one laughs more effectively and heartily than Daddy does when A.G goads him.  He gets so tickled and merry when she turns over his laugh box that the house fairly rings out with hoots and shouts of laughter - not only his, but ours.  We laugh at Daddy laughing at Anne, because, really, there is nothing more laugh-provoking than Daddy when he's tickled. 

Happy Birthday, A.G - you bright, wonderful thing, you.